Drawing I did of the Mandelbrot set

Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind.

The word I thought of was Eclipse. I imagine if a shape like this, instead of the moon, could blot out the sun? Could it be an alien ship (I wonder why I’ve imagined that again). It could be a dream I might have tonight, I’d love to be able to direct my dreams…

There was an eclipse over in western Australia a couple of days ago, it tracked across the ocean and totality (the moon blotting out the sun) only happened for a minute or so. I’ve seen partial eclipses but never a total one.

To find out if a star has planets you can look out for dips in the starlight. Kepler, a space telescope has done this. By watching millions of stars, thousands of planets have been found eclipsing their stars. What a wonderful universe we live in…

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