High school?

Describe something you learned in high school.

I did go to Sixth form at school, but it wasn’t a separate high school. I think things have changed in the UK since I was there. I guess different places in the world run their school systems differently and now Sixth form colleges are often stand alone institutions.

We didn’t have computers when I was at school, they were just coming in when I left. So that’s another thing I didn’t learn! There were typing classes (which I didn’t do) and I think the typewriters were pretty old!

So what did I learn? I did A Levels. One of them was Art, and I loved it. I started to learn about subjects like Pop Art and French Impressionism and Surrealism. It was good to actually learn about the history of art as well as finding out about different techniques. I learned about Andy Warhol and Monet, Cezanne and Salvador Dali. I remember pictures of Campbell soup cans, haystacks and melting clocks. I didn’t learn about female artists though, that came later when I went to college. The Art course made me decide I wanted to do an Art degree, and here I am still being an Artist all these years later.

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  1. Highschool was when I was 13-16. I was subjected to a very tough screening exam to get into the school I went to. The lessons were more advanced than the other schools, but I loved it anyway. The expectation was we will do great things when released to the world lol

    Some did become scientists, engineers, programmers, and medical professionals. Some taught the next generation of scholars (yeah, the government paid us monthly stipends and we didn’t pay school fees).

    What did I learn? Apart from the academics, I learnt how to cram lol absorb info quickly (I used to study the night before the exam). I think it’s a bad habit, but it works for a lot of situations. I learnt how to cope and adjust quickly. I learnt independence at a young age as we had to be away from family (I lived in the on campus dormitory when I was 13-14 and rented a place with 3 others from the same school when I was 15-16). It was tough, but it was also great! The academics were great, but the lessons learnt beyond acads are even more valuable. ☺️

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      1. It was a huge honour for our parents. I was none the wiser then, but I was glad. I’m lucky the school was in the same island as my parents’ place. Other kids came from other islands!

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  2. I was the only person from my class to go on to university. Not long after graduating our headmaster was caught embezzling funds from the school. I missed out on getting a decent school education and still feel like I lack that basic academic knowledge. Thankfully I managed to get by without the fundamentals.

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