Not come home.

I still don’t know where my cat has gone. We went for a walk yesterday evening with our cat carrier. If we saw him in someone’s window or garden we were going to knock on their door and demand they give him back!

Sadly that didn’t happen. I feel more and more despondent. There is an empty space in the house and in my mind. The way he ran up and jumped on the back of the settee with a purrow! The way he came into the bathroom in the morning and greeted me with head butt’s and cheek rubs. I miss him. Hubby misses him. If he has died because of his heart condition I want to be able to say goodbye.

Sorry, just so sad….

12 thoughts on “Not come home.

  1. He might be visiting one of your neighbors and got stuck inside their house. One of my cats didn’t come home and then my daughter was at the neighbor’s house and saw our cat. She said, “Birdie!” That was the cat’s name to us and ironically the neighbors were calling the cat Christine! (my name)
    That cat had two homes, getting fed and petted at both places.

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