Mark making.

Not a good photo, but this was me drawing different marks as part of a mark making workshop.

It was supposed to be in pencil but all I had was a blue pencil crayon. I also tried rubbing over the top of an embossed tin. You had to come up with as many different marks as you coukd in a five minute period. It gets your mind working… Good for creativity.

7 thoughts on “Mark making.

      1. ::runs back:: Btw – the 1st time I heard that word in the context of art I was posting in a forum (9yrs ago) about how I really needed to learn how to draw properly bec I wanted texture in my drawings but was failing at it. One of the other forum members said I ought to try frottage. ::gasp:: I didn’t know exactly what it meant but knew that it wasn’t what I expected a stranger to suggest I do when I needed help with drawing! I was sooooo embarrassed, nearly left the forum. Then I found out what it meant, re art. Big relief. πŸ™ƒ

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