Choosing vacuums

I had a candy vacuum which lasted ages. When it broke we got a Dyson, but we had problems because it had a small capacity and too many filters. Then we got a Vax, again too many filters and my hubby lost a seal in the bin when he emptied it. I tried sellotaping it but that didn’t work. In the end we got a Henry, the one with a face on it. It’s got a large capacity bag and you don’t have to clear the filters in the wheels every five minutes!

4 thoughts on “Choosing vacuums

  1. I must be the only person on Earth that hates the Henry with a passion. Know it’s the most popular vacuum and used largely by housekeeping and cleaning staff etc but I find it so bulky and awkward to use. Vax are generally pretty good I’ve had a few and they take a kicking in this house.

    The shark pet vacuum is brilliant though and if yours is a home that generates tumbleweed like fur from the cats the same way ours gets from the dogs, it’s definitely one to consider next time you’re buying.


      1. Yeah it is honestly a brilliant hoover if your house tends to collect giant daily tumbleweed.

        Drives me nuts I’ll spend ages having a full blitz at home then sit down with a brew thinking “Ahhh… all tidy” and a giant ball of dog hair goes rolling across the living room like it’s taunting me.

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