Cat box

I painted the leather seat if this stool/box about thirty years ago. It used to hold all my old oil paints but they dried out years ago. I unearthed it recently. One of the problems with being an artist I have found, is collecting art materials. I have stuff that goes back years. I tend to think one day things will come in handy. Is anyone else here an artist? Are you the same? Materials cost so much its almost a sin to throw things away.

This is a cat on a mat on a parquet floor. As you can see even then I loved patterns. It’s varnished, but you can see where I must have left a thinners can on the surface that left paint rings…

4 thoughts on “Cat box

  1. I found a dried up tube of acrylics the other day, probably from the 70s. I started painting again this year when I woke up (literally) to the realization that I had better use that stuff because I’m almost 70. Strange motive for painting, but there it is.


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