In hedgehog news….

We have been seeing our hedgehogs for about a month and a half now. They either feed by the back door or in our shed late at night. My hubby goes out most nights to look for them and they will be on the aths round the garden eating worms they have grubbed up or in the shed. We’ve got sand on the shed floor so we’ve seen their paw prints. They were using it as a latrine but that seems to have stopped. When they eat and drink they often knock the bowls over. We put out hedgehog food but they much prefer the dry and wet cat food that the stray/abandoned cat has. (we are still trying to get him in the house). There was one big and one small hedgehog, but after over a month of nightly visits they are both big now! It’s great to have wildlife in the garden.


4 thoughts on “In hedgehog news….

  1. Hedgehog drama and garden politics runs high during the night. Some of these cameras that people capture and upload are like soap dramas with a full running storyline. You want to know if that one hedgehog is gonna return despite being warned off the Hedgehog Garden Boss.

    The hedgehog fights are savage as well they really go at each other, you wouldn’t think they had it in them but they do. Night time is Fight Time in Hogworld.


      1. Tend to mainly barge and shove each other like wrestlers which is really funny actually it tickles me how it’s like a wrestling move. One will get its snout underneath the other then flip him and start snowploughing it right across a whole lawn until it’s out.

        Sometimes though it’s teeth gripped and ragging each other really bad. They see off all sorts as well cats, foxes even badgers I’ve seen one or two send packing.


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