After Hokusai

wave hokusai after

I painted this small painting a few weeks ago. I was seeing if I could even get close to the great artist Hokusai’s work. If I’d painted on to paper I might have added the fishing boats that are being dragged into the great wave while the fishermen in them try and row away from it. It was so hard to get the fingerlike protrusions that show the wave breaking. The colours are not too far off. I think the sky is greyer? When you try and analyse a picture its hard not to miss the the mistakes you have made. Being self critical is important because you try and improve each time.


2 thoughts on “After Hokusai

  1. Oh, but it is quite a beautiful approximation! Hokusai deceives; at first, his art seems simple, washed, but upon inspection, especially the sort where you try to replicate, he becomes incredibly textured and precise.
    I think you did an awesome job.


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