Frustrated with email


I have my PC, it’s been upgraded to Windows 10. I have spent HOURS and HOURS trying to get my email to work on it.

It’s a good job my hairs grown. I’m ready to tear it out! I have got to get it done, and of course with covid 19 it’s hard to get hold of expertise to sort it out.

Why is it so hard? I want to sync my phone to my PC so I can simply read my email and access a website I need to use.

Look, I’m not that old, but I don’t understand windows 10, I only had it installed because I had to. I don’t want to have to learn exerything new each time I upgrade. Call me a stick in the mud, I AM!

2 thoughts on “Frustrated with email

  1. Oh friend I feel your pain! I was just gifted a laptop for my birthday and let’s just say, I considered declaring myself off grid and running back to the Stone Age. I have never got in with Windows 10. It’s a terrible platform and not at all user friendly. Suddenly all the intuitive features are gone. I was stunned that now I need to subscribe to MS Office. Apparently, my last version of this poor excuse for an upgrade was the last time it was part of the package! I have a few extra grey hairs and won’t let it beat me but, between you and me, what used to take a few minutes now takes an eternity and that’s just finding the “app”.


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