Day 26 usk challenge


Quick sketch in biro, looking out of our back living room window into the yard. You might be able to see a dream catcher in the window. There’s a lot of brambles out there growing through from next door. But in the summer it’s full of colourful flowers. I usually cut the brambles so only bits with flower buds re left, then I pick the crop when the fruit is ripe sometimes a squirrel comes along and harvests them before I get there!

I had already ordered hanging baskets that generally arrive in June. I hope they still come. Its something to look forward to.

Waiting for it to warm up a bit, then I’ll go outside and do a bit more.


12 thoughts on “Day 26 usk challenge

      1. I’ve been sleeping well – probably because I now get more exercise since the VIRUS came. My dreams last night were about old business colleagues – very cheerful. For some reason we were out in a shed (which i don’t have) and life was wonderful. I’d love a shed!


      2. Our first house had a lovely shed, our second had three, our third home two, and now none at all – a double garage somehow isn’t nearly as exciting.


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