I knew I was going to have to go out shopping when my hubby went out to get loo roll and came back with a light bulb!

I went out to try and get a week’s shopping, or more if I can make it last. I usually shop every few days because I don’t have the storage space in my small kitchen for much, and because I only have a small fridge freezer I can’t fit much in that.

First shop, no meat, got a couple of veggie lasagne’s. Two bananas (I left two behind), some mixed veg and a few more things. Second shop. There was no loo paper (what is it with people?) so I bought their last box of man sized tissues. (that always makes me laugh, are they six foot tall tissues?) Third shop, a few pieces of chicken, some burgers, celery, pasta sauce, a bit more.

I gave up the search and came home. One day soon the hoarding will stop.. It isn’t sensible, but what is? I have a feeling that this is partly being driven by that stupidity called Brexit. I think that people have been so wound up by that, that they have got into a seige mentality. The British can be very bloody minded. Its also difficult not to relate it to the idea that the country expects to be cut off from the European continent and is acting like it has already happened.

So what can we do? Deal with the virus, try and stay inside and stay safe. I will still have to go shopping. As to the B word. Maybe this will make people realise its not such a good idea after all….

I’ve read a few of John Wyndhams’ books about the world order collapsing ( Day of the Triffids, The Kraken Wakes,) he doesn’t mention toilet rolls once!

9 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. It’s the same here in Canada. The shelves are empty and the stores are trying to catch up with refilling. Now when I shop I want enough so I don’t have to go out again for awhile, but like you I can’t find everything.


    1. Yes, it’s crazy, I wonder if all the things people have stocked up on will last or will it spoil and have to be thrown away. I’m the meantime food banks that help to feed the poorest in this country (and this is the sixth richest country in the world) are running out of food because people are not donating. I feel sorry for the world.

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  2. Same here in remote Tasmania. I can only assume the panic hoarders are sitting at home sh!tting themselves, but no one will admit to hoarding, so who’s doing it? Hopefully it will reduce the number of people in supermarkets at least so the rest of us can get on with it at a safe distance.


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