I can’t use classic editor?

For some reason my phone won’t load the classic editor page. I’m not sure what’s wrong. I’ve deleted a lot of photos in case it’s a memory problem. I’m going to try and post this as a local post and hope it publishes to my blog. I’m not really happy doing it this way because I struggle to get into categories and tags…. So I don’t have ‘clues’ to let people know what I’m writing about. Plus I’m not sure I will be able to post an image?

I would appreciate some help and advice please. I’m slightly lost!

8 thoughts on “I can’t use classic editor?

  1. I also can’t use the classic editor, and I can’t upload any photos whatsoever – I get a JSON error every time I try. Research suggests this is a result of the Gutenberg editor, but I can’t seem to disable it. Which means I can’t write new posts, create new pages, or add images. So far non of my forum posts have yielded any answers. Super frustrating dead-end blog experience, I welcome any help anyone can offer!


    1. I found that if I deleted my older pictures in my media files (not the ones in the blog posts) it freed I memory so I could use the classic editor and post photos again. Every so often I go through and delete my oldest photos. I try and illustrate all my posts myself. A lot of the images are large files, so I’m also trying to reduce these from mb to kb before I post them. I try and get my media files down to less than 75%,then they work a lot better.


      1. Thanks for your quick response. I just started my blog last week and have zero media files.


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