Busy time…..


Suddenly I’ve got a million and one things to do, a commission here,  a sketch there, painting for an open day, painting for an annual exhibition. Also a craft fair… What do I do.. I decided to rest today. I felt stressed and worried so I thought let it be for a day. Instead I repotted old houseplants and went to choir practice. I’m still tired after that, but I don’t feel rushed off my feet. You can only do what you can do. I’ve also told the people who want flat pieces of foam board painted  with landscapes that they will have to wait.

The result of resting was some photos of the plants I have potted up. As usual I played with the images. Being creative is so important to me.

Now it’s 2.30am, a cold wind is blowing round the house. Sometimes you can hear the wind whistling through gaps round the windows. But at least I’ve had a break. Tomorrow I’ll try and get more painting done.

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