Autumn view

Autumn is flying in on strong winds.

I tried to paint its rapid journey. You could almost see the colours changing in front of you as the trees blew in a warm wind from the south.

I ended up with quite a pointellist painting. Lots of tiny dots of colour. Difficult to get the shapes of the branches and limbs right.

2 thoughts on “Autumn view

  1. You’d think it would be easy to paint a tree, but it really isn’t. I think I’ve only done one somewhat successful tree ever. I think the life in a tree isn’t all that apparent when you’re just walking by it or looking out of a window, but when you try to paint it, it — its life — is so much more than anyone can ever paint. I don’t know how to explain it, but there’s life inside, and light everywhere around it, constantly changing it inside and out. I love them.


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