I really must use these apples up. We have had them for a couple of weeks and apart from stewing them I also made an apple lattice pie. But its that time of year when you get a glut of fruit. Im wondering whether to slice them up and then freeze them? Or maybe make them into apple sauce, or even chutney. But I dont have any recipes. I guess I could make something up…..

I made some cider with a friend last year, its still brewing as far as I know, but she moved away and I dont want to pester her about it.

Apples are interesting. I think there are a lot of old varieties that have disappeared over the years, leaving one or two surviving without people knowing where they are. Old trees in old orchards that have been neglected. But which might be an extraordinary discovery if one is ever found.

2 thoughts on “Apples

  1. I love apples too and you’re right, you do get a ton to hang onto during this time of year. I wish I could help but I’m at a loss too. I have a lot of Honeycrisp, I chopped them and put them in the freezer.


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