I live in an old house, which creaks and groans like old houses do. Normal, everyday squeaks….

But when we had new windows fitted we got a couple of added moaning noises. For some reason if the wind is in the south the kitchen window moans quite loudly, and if it is in the north the front window whistles. Still this is better than the road traffic noise we used to suffer from.

I am aware of other sounds, like birds thudding heavily as they land on the kitchen roof. The patter of their feet while you are in the bathroom. Water collects on the roof, so they often come down for a drink.

The loudest noise comes from the fridge. When the pump kicks in you can hear it groaning and whimpering into life, like a sad puppy… gradually settles down, but in the middle of the night when I’m making myself a coffee it can be quite disconcerting.

Other noises include the mad scrambling clatter of cats paws as they chase each other up and down stairs. One cat has a bell on his collar and it rattles as he moves. Little purring noises as they gather speed.

But the loudest noise of all…. when someone keeps talking when I’m trying to write!

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