Complexity enchants me, it excites me, it tickles my mind. Complexity is deep within my soul. To illustrate this I have added some digital drawings that I have played with. I started before these with a roughly drawn profile which did not have gender or age. After working on it with a smudge tool I decided to use picsart to change it and blend it into something new. I feel like it is now a profile of a boy.

I used a colour transformation tool in picsart to bring out more vibrant blues and purples. Only when these were set did I go into changing the styles in another part of the app. Eventually I put the drawing through layout which us another app to multiply it up.

Complexity comes through the various iterations, colour, texture and tone being changed each time. I go by feel to decide when to stop, I don’t want to go too far so the picture becomes a bland mush,  but I did try and push it as far as I could.

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