Today’s paintings

This is what I get up to when I’m ill.

The first painting is a window in a wall at Spode. When I was a child there used to be a tv programme on called Play school. You were told stories and it would say things like look what’s happening through the round/square/arched window.

This reminds me of that.

The snake painting started out as a vague collection if coils. But then I decided to turn it into some sort of snake.

As I filled it in I saw it needed something else, so I added the ladder. I guess I am harking back to my childhood again, where we would play games of snakes and ladders.

Here it is almost finished. I’m not too sure about the colours though. It might need brightening up!

I changed the background and snake a bit more.

I finished this painting by changing the background from black to green, then a dark sparkly red. The problem is I don’t seem to be able to add photos to this peice so I shall have to blog again!

5 thoughts on “Today’s paintings

  1. Here in New Zealand I enjoyed Play School as a kid too, and I played lots of games of Snakes and Ladders! I really liked the concept of your snake and ladder painting, and I like it with the black background. I haven’t viewed your newer version yet.


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