Using Sketcher Free and Layout Apps

I use a few apps and thought I would show you a progression using them. Initially I chose a turquoise background in Sketcher Free, and using the ribbon pen and white then black colours I drew a unicorn but made it into what I called a Zebracorn, (or unizeb!)

I then changed it using a different pen to form wings, but went back to the ribbon pen to finish them off and try and lose the unicorns horn. I suppose you could call it pegazeb?

Another app you can use on Samsung galaxy tablets is Layout. It allows you to duplicate images, rotate them up or down or side to side..left to right etc. There are various options and some if them are shown below. Doubling, quadrupling or even making multiples of them.

Of course then it’s good to display them on line, so I put a lot of drawings on Instagram. That gives you the opportunity to use filters more – which is seen in the final picture, changing from turquoise to green.

So basically you can go from a finger painting to something much more complex using a couple of apps.

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