ceramic head

Thirty year old ceramic head. Every year I plant this, and another one (hidden behind a hanging basket) with lobelia or other trailing plants. I was going to put in nasturtium seeds but forgot!

I’m pleased with how it’s lasted. When it was fired it had a crack in the back and over the last twenty five years its been out there I’ve expected the frost to break it but it survived. I made it at a pottery class in Newcastle-under-Lyme and was really pleased with the result.

Anyway I’m thinking of making some more if I can find a pottery class or group.x

Started painting a wooden planter..

I’m part of an art project to paint wooden planters. Each artist is producing a different piece of work. I got this a few weeks ago, but I didn’t start because of my bad shoulder. The planter was a bit heavy to work with as it’s solid wood. Now however I’m doing physio and the exercises seem to be helping. It was lovely to pick up a brush. Now all I’ve got to do is finish it! (and get it back to the project in time).

Morning glory not flowering yet

Green man ceramic head

I grew lots of seedlings, in the warm weather they did really well and the plants are getting big. But now the weather is cold and wet. They seem to have come to a full stop! I’m hoping if we get some more sunshine it will bring them on again… Photos to follow if they ever flower.