Apedale Christmas special

Santa special at Apedale Light Railway (Moseley Trust) today. The loco was an 060 well tank. We didn’t get a ride as it was fully booked.

We saw three squirrels and a water vole in the stream and ditch outside the visitors centre. There were a lot of people there and children were being given presents by Santa. It was good to be nice and warm in the cafe and hubby bought several train books…

Some of the decorations, note the USA bogey waggon. Apedale has been doing war reenactments and I think that’s why they have them.

Merry Christmas x.


August at Rudyard lake, DSC_2199_optimized

Heat, sunlight, memories of warmth. Memories of the lake and the little narrow gauge (miniature?) railway that runs along side it. I think it’s 18 inch gauge.

The lake surface was very smooth apart from ripples caused by a few rowing boats. We had sandwiches and ice creams at the cafe and caught the train there and back to see how far it was (one of my Dad’s phrases).

I miss the sunlight and the warmth. It’s only two months ago and it’s literally freezing outside tonight. We had frost this morning…. Let me go back into my memories, time travel, back, to summer.

Dalek on a train?


A few years ago we went on a train trip at Cheddleton in Staffordshire from Cheddleton Station to Froghall Wharf along the Churnet Valley line (a preserved narrow gauge railway.

At the Cheddleton end of the line were vintage second world war cars and vehicles and people dressed in vintage clothes. Then at the other end? A Dalek from the Sci fi show Dr Who, plus a tardis and other memorabilia. To see a remote control Dalek trundling up and down the station platform made me so happy. I’ve pretty much watched the show since the 1960s. Its a pleasure to have watched it and I’m loving the new female Dr Who, Jodie Whittaker.