Designer masks?

Some things are still being sold despite covid19. I think I could design some interesting patterns to use on masks (and bags and tee shirts perhaps). I’m good at choosing colours and creating patterns. Maybe it’s an idea I should persue with one of the the online sales sites. I think the tee shirt idea is probably better but you never know…..

I’ve always been shy of having a go, but I’m going to research the whole thing a bit more over the next month. I know of some sites, ebay, etsy, then redbubble, spoonflower and square share or something? It’s hard to navigate them all? Will they charge a lot of commission? How do you market things? I will learn.

Ebay and all that.


I’ve never really got into online shopping or banking. I don’t feel I can trust them.

I’ve thought of using ebay or shopify to sell paintings but I have never done anything. I can imagine it might be a way of selling my art but then when you look into it you can’t really sell things for much and it feels like you would have to paint a high volume of things to make it pay.

I don’t know, maybe I should take the plunge….

Little steps.