The cats have different beds to sleep in, most of them quite fluffy, and a couple are like igloos, which might be quite warm now spring is here.

I have a laundry ‘basket’, a tube of material with round ends, and a slit at one end you put your laundry into. It has a spiral wire spring, so if you undo two toggles that hold it flat it springs up to a cylinder a couple of feet in height.

I don’t use it much because it’s a bit cumbersome to carry when it’s full. But last night inspiration struck. I undid one of the toggles and one side opened up, so it was at 90° to the base. The slit was at the front so a cat might get in… I also put a cloth shopping bag inside because the wires would be uncomfortable to lie on… This morning? A little nose peeking out. It must be like a tent for my cat, and it will not be as hot to sleep in… Successful experiment I’d say…. Plus when not in use I can fasten the toggle and put it away…

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