British comedy!

What makes you laugh?

Over the years I have had the pleasure of watching British TV comedy shows and I have to share a few titles with you.

Favourite anarchic comedies are The Young Ones about mad student life which were shown in the 1980s onwards, and Red Dwarf, a survivor on a asteroid mining ship woken after 2 million years lives with a cat that has evolved into a humanoid, a hologram of a dead crew mate and a computer called Holly and an android called Kryton, I think this was from the 90’s? But has recently been resurrected. Also Father Ted, an Irish priest living on Craggy Island on the West Coast of Ireland.

Then there’s the Vicar of Dibley starring Dawn French about the first female Vicar of Dibley Village. Absolutely Fabulous, mad fashion designing japes, the Royale family, a strange TV watching family, and so many more.

The thing is these are not rom coms or comedies like Friends or Cheers. They have some very silly and sometimes quite rude ideas. If you find them Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “British comedy!

  1. I do. Father Ted is my all time favorite. `I loved Red Dwarf until it started to get fancy. The IT Crowd is funny, too. The Vicar of Dibley is cute. Americans do not have this sense of humor — well, American individuals might, but you don’t see it on our TV. 😦

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  2. Red Dwarf was hilarious. I think it was first broadcast in the late 80s. They still show it on that DAVE channel.

    I’m an immigrant, originally from the Far East πŸ˜‘ <—, and the shows I grew up watching were American ones. I am glad to have had the opportunity to watch the old British comedies, full of wit and sarcastic humour. Being an "outsider", I think it is such a shame that a lot of things are censored because people get offended easily nowadays.

    I used to watch On The Buses, Only Fools and Horses, Keeping Up Appearances, Fawlty Towers, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Scully… I think one of my favourites is Mind Your Language (I think this was from the 70s), although this will most likely be censored in some way or banned altogether, the same way as people have changed the original forms of literature because some people can't sort themselves out, ruining it for the rest. Why can't people just have a laugh, eh? (Rhetorical)

    Apologies if I cause offense. I just feel rather strongly about it.

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      1. I’ve never actually seen any of the Monty Python ones, just a few of the Carry On films 😁 Some of series I mentioned was before my time, but I prefer them 😊 Just so funny. I must have watched Mind Your Language dozens of times!

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