How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals?

If I can help somebody I generally will. I do think about it though. I have gone out late at night and picked up a friend because she missed the last bus home, I have helped people out even though it inconvenienced me. Why? That’s the way I was brought up. Fair shares, kindness, modesty were things that we had drummed into us. Don’t be selfish, don’t be jealous. We were not perfect, but we could see that if you helped others it makes the world a better place. Yes there is a risk of getting ripped off, but I don’t give money away, I’d rather help.

Talking about scams, a man stopped us in the street outside our house. Can you give me the bus fare to a maternity unit several miles away? I have gone to the wrong hospital in this city and my wife has just rung to say she’s having the baby! Instead of offering money I said I would drive him to the right hospital. Needless to say he turned us down! Strangely another man stopped us with the same scenario a year later. I couldn’t resist offering a lift too, and when he said no I asked him if he had a brother who had the same problem a year ago. He walked away…..

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