Don’t take my Stats!

Why? I pay for WordPress. Not just the blog page, but as far as I’m concerned Stats, Reader and Notifications! I don’t have enough memory on my phone for a new app…. So how will I keep up with what people are writing and doing? Does Jetpack take up much memory? Can I get it to work? First it was blocks. Now it’s this? Do site owners care about their customers? Please let me know if you have information. When I asked before someone told me you would not have to use Jetpack if you didn’t want to. That seems now to be an untruth.

4 thoughts on “Don’t take my Stats!

  1. Whoa. That sounds like a big change! I don’t use the apps so I don’t have any idea about how it’ll work. I can see the JetPack info on my site right now. Not sure what to make of it but it’s there. Anyway…I hope it won’t be a problem for you. 😳🥰

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  2. I was wrong. If you use WP on your phone you have to install the app as I learned last night. I installed it, I didn’t like it, I deleted it. Probably just won’t do WP on my phone but I didn’t much anyway. ON the computer Jetpack is already employed by WP. I hope you get some answers.

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