Post industry


Smoke belched high in the sky

Soot fell on childrens faces.

Clogged lungs

Cotton fell like dirty snow

From grey clouds

Skudding on a raw east wind.

Blast furnaces glowed

Brightening sullen grey clouds

Into false, rosy sunsets

Men walked, doubled over

In the black and dusty mines

Water dripped hot and dirty

Down bent necks

whilst picks and shovels

Hewed at the coal.

Then suddenly

Worlds changed

Smoke and smog was banned

Cholera and typhoid alleviated.

Government and Unions United for once.

Health for all, insuring life.

Workers deserving clean air and water.

Post industrial, jobs went

To other places, other lands

Workers not so lucky

Breathing a centurys old air

Forced to work for a pittance

One people taking the place of another

Supporting our modern, post industrial life

And money travels upwards

Into more billionaires pockets

On post industrial beaches….

Earth is clean for those that can pay.

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