Strange word?

I have been watching the news about the USA midterm elections with fascination. We have supposedly fixed term elections of five years for the Government, by elections where we choose councillors every four years but they don’t always coincide, and a few mayoral elections that are only for a few cities that have chosen to have them, like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

But this strange word keeps appearing in the US election ‘Goubernatorial’? Is that the spelling? It’s how it sounds. I would say Governatorial, as it is about the election of State Govenors. It is a real mouthful. Is it meant to be confusing, to sound clever, is it Latin? Or Greek? Who knows.

I think there’s a saying, something like: the United Kingdom and the United States of America are two nations seperated by a common language. Spellings of Sulphur (UK) and Sulfur (US), someone told me the Americans came up with simpler spellings. Also Neighbour (UK) and Neighbor (US)… Why not Neybor if you really want to simplify. And the pronunciation of Aluminium as Aloominum? Why? Many questions!

5 thoughts on “Strange word?

  1. Haa! Languages are funny, aren’t they? I checked on “gubernatorial.” Several sites say that it’s from Latin, mostly US usage. At least one source has it from the early 1500’s, which pre-dates the US & places it in the UK, but rarely used. There’s little agreement re how the word (gubernator – 😂) developed. Re differences betw words/ meanings: I still marvel at the 2 words for shortened hair on the forehead – “fringes” versus “bangs.” And “boot” versus “trunk,” “jumper” versus “pullover sweater” or “pullover,” etc. I have enough relatives from the UK to have grown up hearing a mishmash of the various versions of English so most of the differences seem normal to me. But, yes – a word like “gubernatorial” is a head-scratcher! My mind sees peanuts (goobers)! 🤣 About the simpler spellings? Sometimes I wonder if it was due to he price and availability of ink in what was to become the United States? Maybe leaving what could be extraneous letters out was a way to preserve resources? No idea. Enjoyable post! 👏👏👏

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