Art for sale

Some of my prints and necklaces for sale at Etruria Industrial Museum today inside the cafe. I really like the way they have been displayed. One thing about being an artist is the gamble that people will like your work enough to enjoy it and even buy it. The trouble is that I paint things that ‘speak’ to me. If I try and paint something I think people will like I don’t get the feeling out of it and it doesn’t seem to work. Do all artists feel that way. In the same way I don’t like doing the same or similar thing over and over. I get bored. Probably too easily. I just have to create…..

3 thoughts on “Art for sale

  1. I wonder about that, too. I think some artists become very happy with a particular theme and even though they aren’t painting the same thing over and over, in a way they are painting the same thing over and over. They get really good at it, too. I seriously don’t know what I’m doing 99% of the time.

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