Draco, the dragon constellation and Ursa minor. Draco writhes up the northern night sky from the constellation Hercules up to Lyra. It sits near the north pole of the ecliptic. It was first identified by Ptolomey in the 2nd century. It remains one of 88 modern constellations.

I’ve found out a lot as I’ve written my college report. Eastern dragons are wise and benign, western ones evil and dangerous. They have lots of different appearances that vary depending on where they are were from or the time they were imagined. No legs, two legs, four legs, winged. Dragons seem to have evolved through time and now a more standardised anatomy seems to have emerged. I wonder how dragons will change in the future?

8 thoughts on “Draco

  1. Eastern dragons are the symbol of good luck, and countries like Japan, Taiwan, and China all seem it as a good fortune. Though Japanese dragons look slightly different than Chinese, most Eastern Asians do not feel bad about it, and some Taiwanese were meant to have children in the year of Dragon, believing it brings good luck to their families.

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      1. Wow, interesting to know this fact. Western dragons are more like dinosaurs, from my perspective, but dinosaurs did exist on the earth. Whereas Eastern dragons were just the image that peoples created long ago.

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      2. There are fossil pterasaurs in China which might have been seen as dragons? There are large dinosaur fossils in Utah, America. I guess if someone found a huge skull they might try and work out what it was? So that could become a 🐲 dragon


      3. I don’t know whether China has found fossils of pterosaurs, but Chinese dragons 🐉 were indeed created by humans, so fossils maybe something else or they would find something to match with the story.


  2. Indigenous Australian’s have a story of the rainbow serpent. I am not indigenous and I’m pretty sure I’m wrong, but when viewing a Southern Aurora here, if the milky way is oriented right, it looks to me like a giant serpent snaking across the sky with rainbow like fire coming from it’s mouth!

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    1. I just wrote about the rainbow serpent in my report. Australias version of a dragon possibly? The serpent used to move between rivers and water holes. Then I wrote about the constellation Draco. You won’t see it in the South as its close to the Northern Pole. Between Hercules and Lyra. X


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