The writing

Is on the wall

I was asked to paint some script onto a wall several years ago ( the script was an edited version of the quote in the photo) I think it came out OK ( emulsion paint used). This was before my arm started shaking, when I still had a steady hand. I think I try and follow the words on the wall, some days more than others. X

8 thoughts on “The writing

  1. I am fascinated with how health affects art. It makes it so unique. Went to an art exhibition of a artist who did small streetscapes. She had macular degeneration. The artworks were all out of kilter. So interesting.

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      1. Yes but it is so much more. I think it can be a place where conversations of a medical issue come to the fore. I did a summer scholarship working with an art therapist during a hospital redevelopment. So interesting. Think maybe I have a soft spot for all this.

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