1.7 Million flee Ukraine

How can this continue? Millions fleeing a European country, desperate but defiant. Ukraine is still being bombarded by a bully. Women and children and the elderly are trying to escape. They have suffered dehydration and lack of food and power to get out if the country. In Ukraine the temperatures with windchill are due to be between minus 13 and minus 20 degrees Celcius. How can anyone survive in a basement with shells falling around them with nothing to give heat, no way of heating food, no fresh water. The corridors that Russia are setting up lead citizens into Russia or Belarus. Why would you want to move to your aggressors country? This is so difficult, we sit and wait for the next move and the next. This needs to calm down, not be further inflamed. Stop the Madness Russia, Stop the WAR! 🇷🇺 🇺🇦

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