A small sketch

Banner, Peace Not War

The world is nervous because of what is happening in Ukraine. The fight has proved that the Ukrainians will not just give up. There neighbours are supporting them and sanctions are being weilded against their aggressive invaders. But somehow through this morass a peaceful solution needs to be brokered.

This is not a film, its not a story in a book. Humans make stories up to understand what is going on. We cannot just assume things will be OK in the end. Look back in history and it is full of mistakes and missteps.

Have you ever seen the film ‘Dr Strangelove’ starring Peter Sellars in several roles. I won’t write a spoiler, except to say it didn’t finish well.

Let us hope and maybe even pray that things do sort themselves out, and that we can recover and get ourselves out of this mess. Then we have to try and sort out global warming. Otherwise we might find ourselves going to hell in a handbasket!

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