Indian sweets

I got some vegetable samosas today and was very tempted to buy some Indian sweets. I’m not sure how they are made but they are very nice to look at. I had some a few years ago and enjoyed them very much, but I keep my sugar consumption low so I just asked if I could take a photo. Our sketching prompt today is sweets so you might see a blog with a sketch of them later on.

7 thoughts on “Indian sweets

  1. I use have some Indian staff at my work and I got to try different things including the sugary sweets. They are so sickly and feel like instant tooth rot! But I’m sure there are other things we are tempted by!

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      1. I lived in a very multi-cultural suburb and worked with lots of different nationalities so got to enjoy different cuisines. I’m more a savory person than sweets and can’t stand sugar in my coffee. But when I was a teenager I use to put 8 teaspoons in!

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