2013 painting

An acrylic on canvas painting I did in 2013. It popped up on my Facebook memories today. I can remember enjoying getting the texture of the building right. It looked like a great place to visit. This portrait was a Christmas commission. The person I did it for was very pleased.

4 thoughts on “2013 painting

    1. Thanks, I do try and be accurate. I was once criticised in a newspaper, they said if I wanted to be a super realist I should have tried harder. The thing was, I wasn’t trying for super realism! If the journalist had actually spoken to me I would have told him! I think I will make a post about it…

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      1. Silly journalist. I don’t know the most about art critique, but I thought it’s about expression and no right or wrong. Would he have said the same things about Monet’s lilies I wonder…

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