My mouse has died!

Tool of my trade…. But its stopped working! The light has gone out. I tried changing USB ports but then the computer said the port is not recognised? WTF… Sorry to swear, but I was in the middle of creating a Dragon Zine. I’d cropped all my photos, all I have to do is click and drag them into place… I can use my stylus from my tablet, but when I tried to click with it, it just drew lines? Argh! Will anything go right? I want to print off batches of four photos then cut them to size nd glue them down. The idea was if I did them inA6 I could fit four to an A4 page and save paper…. Grrr!

3 thoughts on “My mouse has died!

  1. That’s so frustrating! If it were a Mac mouse I could give you some troubleshooting ideas but it doesn’t look like it is. The fact that your stylus is acting strangely, too, makes me think it’s the communication between your computer & the peripherals. Does the program you’re using have its own miuse/stylus settings options? Did the mouse & stylus work in the program before? Just curious. Anyway…wish I could help. I hope they both work perfectly, soon. 🙂👋

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