Cat on a roof

One of our indoor cats snuck out the back door today. We didn’t realise as my hubby left the back door open just while he popped out to get the milk in. I knew she was out when I went to give her some cat treats and she didn’t come running immediately.

My hubby is loud, and she runs and hides from him, so when he went out shouting her name I knew that wouldn’t work. I put my coat on and shook the bag of treats near the back door, then tried looking between the back fence and the shed. No sign. Still shouting her name I called and called, no answer…

I came in to calm down, I did the washing up to take my mind off things. I decided to give her a few minutes peace to let her settle wherever whe was. Then I went out and called her again….

Mew! Mew! She was miaowing loudly, but where? Sounded like the neighbours garden. You have to go out our front door and down the alley… Mew! I could hear her, but not see her. She mewed constantly as I called her, I looked behind old bits of wood, and an old door propped against the fence. Mew! I climbed over a pile of old branches into the next garden. Mew! Not in their shed.

Mew! The cat noise was coming and going, as if she was moving around. But where? Not behind anything? Maybe up? There she was, she must have climbed up a bush to get onto a kitchen extension roof!

She doesn’t climb, except up stairs, but she got up there. Mew!!! Come down little cat? After a lot of cajoling she came down just after the neighbour offered the loan of a ladder! She scrambled and slid down the branches… And shot off into our garden! I ran round and back through the front door, through the house and let her in the back door. She ran upstairs. Then she came down again and had some food, as if nothing had happened.


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