Running horse

After chatting about drawing horses and the gait they have when they walk, trot, canter and gallop, I tried to remember how I used to draw galloping horses. This is a quick three minute sketch on the Sketch app. That’s why the legs are a bit muddled. I added a bit of shade underneath to sto it floating… Might get some pencils out instead of drawing them digitally….

14 thoughts on “Running horse

  1. That’s actually really talented! 3 minutes! You are definitely an artist to be reckoned with.
    Your sketch app seems a bit limited though (I haven’t actually seen it, but it seems a bit basic to me) so I recommend using Ibis Paint X. There are millions of people who might agree, because Ibis Paint has everything. It has hundreds of different pens (for you, I recommend using the pencil ones) and lots of different options and things to make something you’ll be proud of (I hope I don’t sound like I’m advertising it).
    The downside is that it seems complicated, but you can figure it out or watch tutorial, and then it’ll seem simple.
    Even if you don’t like the sound of it, you should try it anyway, because you might create something cool!

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