Horse in snow

For as long as I remember I’ve drawn horses. I used to read horsey books. I’ve only ever sat on a donkey when I was a child and I’ve sat on a horse and been led on a walk a couple of times too. Sitting up on a horse gives me vertigo, and I certainly don’t think I’m built for it. But that said, I do love horses.

I used to draw them all the time when I was little. My bedroom wall was covered with either drawings of Asterix the Gaul, Elizabethan men and women wearing ruffs and dappled grey horses. It was always dappled grey. I used to watch show jumping on the TV (horses jumping over fences) and looking at the way they moved. I got so good I even sold one for sixpence when I was at junior school….. I felt really guilty!

Over time I have stopped drawing them as much, but sometimes I just have to draw them…

4 thoughts on “Horse in snow

  1. You should do more of them I love this 🙂 I hadn’t realised until Sam started college how horses are still almost impossible to animate and get the movements and gait to look natural. His class was asked to make a simple animation of a horse running but the teachers didn’t explain how horses move or talk the class through the different strides.

    The irony is that the very first video and animation captured was of a horse and jockey moving from a walk to a full gallop. The class weren’t aware that you can tell from a still photograph what gait or pace a horse is moving from its positioning of feet i.e. two hooves down and two up is a trot, three hooves up and just one down is canter and all four hooves off the ground is a gallop.

    Even still and with all the technology and software available it remains one of the hardest things to really get right.

    It’s an unnerving and very unnatural feeling to be sat up on the back of a big horse when you’re not used to it and one reason a lot of people are put off altogether.

    Definitely need to draw more of these though.

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