Cone of shame?

Bad word… Fleas. My poor cat is allergic to them and sadly because we have been letting the outdoor cat in he’s been affected by them. So I took him to the vets and he’s had to have a steroid injections and a course of tablets. Now I’ve come home with a new flea treatment that works better than the one I’ve been using for the last couple of years. I’ve also got a treatment for the outdoor cat. So fingers crossed. Meanwhile my boy cat has got to wear this cone of shame, and it’s not his fault, it’s nothings fault…

10 thoughts on “Cone of shame?

  1. Naawww poor lad!! Can’t say what they’re like for cats but Front-line and Milbemax I use religiously for the dogs. Safest, possibly most effective and certainly have fewer side effects.

    I didn’t know until a few years ago some flea treatments available to buy in supermarkets and discount stores can be lethal to cats in particular. My vet had a real thing for making sure pet owners were aware of cheaper alternatives and was very anti BOB MARTIN for a while.

    Sure it was pulled off the shelves completely at one point but it’s available to buy now from online vet and medicine suppliers. I’m assuming it’s safer or has been given the green light but still wouldn’t risk it.


      1. Fleas are sods. The Springer Spaniel I had was my brother’s originally and he was murder for never bothering to flea, worm or take her to a vet (one of the reasons she died so young) but when he was charged an extra £30 quid by the groomers because she was full of fleas, cheeky sod had the nerve to blame me / the dogs.

        Couldn’t make him understand fleas will hop on a treated dog, cat or whatever and hop off again at the nearest animal they can stay for a bit longer. Cass was hedgehog mad too those things are covered in fleas.

        Bravecto rings a bell somewhere but if it’s vet prescribed you can’t go wrong really.

        I couldn’t believe how bad that stuff by Bob Martin. Worse thing is once you’ve applied a treatment or administered it as a tablet it’s in their system. Frightening.

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      2. Hedgehog fleas don’t jump on cats, I was going to flea treat the shed but was warned against it, it can be very harmful to them. I spoke to our local wildlife Trust. Hopefully my boy will be better soon. He’s snoozing on a cushion at the moment. X

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  2. Naww bless him it must be so weird and seem so unfair for pets when they’re forced to wear a cone of shame. Least he’s all snoozy, sleepy and having a nice kip 🙂

    My advice and answer to everything in terms of cleaning, sanitising and preventing any bugs and crawlies is the good old steam cleaner. Pressure washer / steam cleaner obliterates absolutely everything minus the chemicals.


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