Chimney pots outside Cherished Chimneys in Longport, Stoke-on-Trent during Urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent’s national sketching weekend in the Summer of 2019. So many shapes and sizes. We bought a couple as planters and filled them full of summer flowers. They make a terrific display because it raises the plants up above the ground. It’s also a good reuse of an object that might otherwise get smashed and used for hard-core on a building site.

6 thoughts on “Pots

  1. MEN
    Posted bySaberinaOctober 26, 2020Posted inUncategorized
    The DICK the men that were in my life who hurt me and did not understand the meaning of a woman and how to treat her in the eyes of the Lord. Ha ha ha ha ha is all that I can say

    Their loss because now I am the Queen of the universe some May see it some may not do I care because all I live is for freedom. All my sisters who have been hurt by men you will stand by me like queens and no one will disrespect you again that is the love of à la I am mean who cares only ALLAH not men who you worship as leaders

    Read my blogs end to Beginning


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