Did I ever share my Boris Johnson cartoon here?

Hear no Art, See no Art, Speak no Art.

Cartoon created as part of a project on my college course. My copyright.

It was something I drew in July 2020 I think but it seems more valid now since the Arts are in such a perilous position and the question as to if something is a viable job seems to be a kick in the teeth to the creative industries.

This is Boris Johnson as a boy, based on an image of him as a teenager. I have then surrounded his face with hands and arms, which prevent him (apparently) from seeing, hearing or speaking about the plight of the arts in school, but also in wider society. Very clearly he can see what is happening but seeks to avoid giving the situation his full attention….. The fact that his own government, since 2010, have made cuts in spending totalling billions does not seem to matter to him. He talks about levelling up as if the damage done to society has nothing to do with him. As another yellow haired person on the other side of the ocean presides over crazy policies. I think it is the era of yellow maned fools!

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