Trying to get the cat in.

We are trying to encourage the abandoned cat that we look after into the house as the weather gets colder. He isn’t very happy though. He struggles out of my hubbies arms and runs and yowls to be let back out again. We might have to consider opening the cat flap and having him in the bathroom over night if nothing else. We want him in a warmer situation than last winter.

I keep telling hubby that you have to encourage him in gently (the cat, not hubby) and let him settle down, until he gets confident. The two house cats don’t seem to mind him and disregard him, so that’s positive.

4 thoughts on “Trying to get the cat in.

  1. If your two cats are neither here nor there about him being in the house I think you’re already won half the battle.

    Don’t know where the cat flap leads in to but I wonder if it’d be worth closing the other doors, leaving a small dish of food, water and a little bed to coax him in might just help him brave coming in and not feeling as stressed or trapped.  At least he has the option to come inside and go out again so he has somewhere warm and safe when the weather is really bad.

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