When the cat stops you typing


Two seconds before she had her head on the mouse! Of course as I picked the phone up to take her photo, she had to watch what I was doing.

She managed to type. 00ppppppppppppppp and /mmmmmmmmmmmm before I got to the backspace button. At least she didn’t press send! She was stopping me from finishing off a redraft of some notes about reflexivity (don’t ask). I’d realised that I’d miss read the question and needed to add more information about the text I had read.

I was reading a book by Anthony Giddens and trying to understand it but it’s hard going. Now I’ve had a rest I can’t remember what it’s called!


6 thoughts on “When the cat stops you typing

  1. When my daughter was in high school and breaking up with this really obsessive jealous guy she had been seeing, he sent a message on Facebook about half a mile long “So I guess this means you don’t care about us? You don’t want to try? You’re just gonna give up and walk away and that’s it right???”

    Dog accidentally hit the giant “Like” button on her phone and I laughed for days at what he must have thought when that was his only response. Worked though he didn’t message again lol!!!


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