Old bike spanner


Funny what you find in the drawer when you are looking for something else. Hubbies bike spanner for tightening up his nuts. It’s a little rusty but still useful. If you turn it nintey degrees it looks like a shocked face! Maybe even like the painting the scream! The other end of the spanner has a curve at the end. I think it is meant to be a tyre leaver to leaver off a bike tyre when changing a tube or repairing it.

I love the old worn look of this spanner, I guess it’s at least forty years old. Sometimes things get put away then turn up when you least expect it.

2 thoughts on “Old bike spanner

  1. I love this spanner too but if you turn it the other way and are inclined to have a really childish mind,it looks like a gentleman’s precious part (ahem…)

    Finding stuff like this in old sheds and workshops is like a really brilliant and totally unique real life treasure hunt you end up where nearly everything makes you go “Oooh!!  Oooh I like this!!!”   The farm across from ours where the horses live has old wooden cattle sheds that have been used for storage over the last 30-odd years or so since the farmer retired and dwindled down the cattle and livestock.

    He’s one of these old fashioned farmers and lets us dig out and use whatever is lying around.  I spent a full afternoon there once carefully pulling old tarp sheets off things to discover this amazing world stuck in a time-warp.  Tractor from the 1920’s, an old Ford Cortina with the seats removed, livestock trailers he turned into huge feeders and hay racks made from old wrought iron gates.

    My favourite thing was a long metal pole maybe 3 or 4ft long with a small round magnetic plate at the end.  The magnetic part was moveable but I couldn’t work out what it was. 

    Turned out to be for picking up any screws or nails after he’d been building stables or fixing sheds.  Lot of the smaller ones can fall and easily be missed if they land on grass or soft ground so he designed this magnet to do a sweep of all the areas and save the animals getting screws or small tacks and nails stuck in their feet.

    Brilliant idea!  You can buy them online but he made this entirely by hand from stuff at the farm in about 1950.


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