We have a frog!


There is a frog in our pond. We had frogs several years ago, but they disappeared. Now they have come back. They are sharing the pond with some goldfish which seem to be OK. I wasn’t sure if they could co-exist? Do frogs eat fish? It’s funny seeing them breathe the water making tiny ripples with their movements. It’s a real wildlife garden and pond.

7 thoughts on “We have a frog!

  1. Frogs can eat fish but only if they can fit them in their mouth. My father had several ponds where goldfish and frogs both lived, there didn’t seem to be a problem. A lot of people can’t stand frogs and are even frightened of them. Personally I love them. Enjoy the frogs 🐸🐸🐸


  2. My son has frogs… but given the size of his fish, the frogs are probably in more danger from them πŸ˜‰ I love watching them, except when the breeding frenzy gets them …


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