Mirror plates


Ouch… I’ve just finished putting mirror plates on the back of my paintings. You have to make holes in the back of canvas’s wooden supports and then screw them in place with two screws so they can be attached to gallery walls.

The problem is that the screws I have are small and have Phillips cross headed heads on them. The screws are made of harder metal than the screw driver and consequently the head of the screw driver had worn away. You can’t see this clearly on the photos though.

The the screw driver does not sit properly in the head of the screw, this means that they are really difficult to drive into the back of the canvas. I had to do this on 14 canvases, so 28 mirror plates and 56 screws. The wooden frames on canvases are not uniform, some are made with harder wood than others. In a couple of cases I had to use shorter screws because they would not screw all the way into the wood.

Now I have to list all the paintings so that I can take them down to the gallery on the morning.

4 thoughts on “Mirror plates

  1. ! A Very frustrating job ! It might be the superior quality of the screws but … (&maybe you already knew)
    It’s ages since I discovered that there are two(idk, maybe more?) types of X head system – Phillips & Positive and it is best to match the driver\screw.
    I’ve forgotten everything I read but there might be some tips here, as an example https://mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/17312/is-it-a-bad-idea-to-use-a-pozidriv-screwdriver-on-a-phillips-head
    Check wiki too …


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