The Beatles


I was bought up in the 1960s so although I was there I don’t remember a lot about the Beatles – I was too young.

But even now after over 50 years if a Beatles song comes on the radio or TV I can pretty much sing along with the lyrics.

I remember hearing them, some of my favourites are:

Love me do


Can’t buy me love

Hey Jude

Eight days a week

There are others but I’m useless at remembering names of songs!

I loved their harmony, I loved their funny ways, I loved their experimental music as they evolved.

I’m just watching the Ron Howard documentary about them and it’s bringing a few memories back but as I say because I was a child I missed anything about them on late night TV so I’m learning a lot from the documentary.

6 thoughts on “The Beatles

  1. The Beatles will never fad from my memory. In 1965 -1966 I was working in a small inner city grocery store. My boss had a band and was the lead singer. He was always singing songs of the Beatles – one in particular was Penny Lane. He used to call me ‘Birdie Girl’. Those were the days, never forgotten 🙂


      1. !962 I was 12 years of age on an overnight school trip from Christchruch to Wellington. While in Wellington we were transported around in a bus and I will always remember Nancy Santra on the radio singing ‘these boots were made for walking’, and the other song was ‘Walk Right In, sit right down, baby let your hair hang down’, am not sure of the artist .


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