The painting’s on the wall.


There is a form of art called graffiti that has been created for centuries. But there is a modern take on it by artists creating pictures using stencils. The most famous of these is called Banksy.

Recently a painting has appeared on a garage wall in a Welsh town called Port Talbot. It’s of a fire burning on a garage and a young girl standing in that pose when you are standing in the snow, arms and face held upwards with the snow falling on them. But in this case the snow is actually the ashes falling down from the fire. I think it questions what sort of world young children are growing up in. Banksy paintings are worth a lot of money, so a fence has been erected around this one. His work has been defaced, painted over, removed and sold, and in one case shredded. It all goes to show what an influence he is having.

Art is fascinating because it is ubiquitous. Without it what a dull place the world would be. If we have to have graffiti I would prefer a Banksy to rude or crude images that sometimes appear on local walls. Art can be interesting, startling, ugly or beautiful. As can life.



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