New editor?


I keep getting a message to try a new editor and “level-up your layout”?

I’m happy with what I’m using, I understand what I’m doing. I had a little look and there are options that bewilder me. I have not accepted it yet. Is anyone else using it? I like the simplicity of WordPress and chose a simple option. I know other people who have struggled to start a page here.

I wish social media platforms would not try and impose change. Perhaps they should put tutorials on line to explain.

Like the use of self checkouts in super markets , we have to face changes in life, but I would like some explanation as to why.  We are WordPress customers after all, they should be serving our needs?

14 thoughts on “New editor?

  1. I haven’t accepted new editor yet and I am facing same fear as most of the time updates makes thing harder.

    on my post there was a mistake on my part. I made it private for the blogger to see and approve and it didnt change to public post later. I have reposted the whole thing you can check it now

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  2. yes I face the same dilemma …even the language of getting to level up ..if its was better why not give it to me in the first place….. and all those power pack ads at the ends of a e-mail drive me nuts …up if I unsubscribed all those blogs I’d have no one left.

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  3. I’m resisting their calls to ‘level up’ to the new editor too. I found it awkward to use and had a lot of trouble getting my images to line up the way I like. Things are much clearer and quicker in the ‘classic’ editor — I’m sticking with that for now.


  4. I have tried the new editor and I do not like it. I cannot find the 2 row menu bar that allows me to do bold, bullet points, add photos etc. I teach my clients how to use and I will continue to teach them on the Classic, not the new editor. Please don’t force us to use the new editor.


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